Tuesday, December 4, 2012


I must be taking a Sabbatical because I cannot seem to get working on a blog lately.  Hopefully some inspiration will soon come.

Until then, hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful and your Christmas (if I don't get back to blogging!) will be blessed beyond compare!!!


Muffie said...

Oh, Janie, I'll miss your posts. But if you get the 'bug' again, come back and let us know you're all right. Even just a photo or a few words would be fine.
BTW... I'm finally reading your books! There's no publishing info, though. When were they copyrighted and where. I think I'm going to enjoy them!

Be well.


Janie said...

I published them on Createspace. They were in 2009...back when I had a few more braincells!!! I really hope you enjoy them. I have parts of three, but can't seem to think well enough to put the words down where they make sense......I hope to be "back" soon..... thanks for caring!! :)