Saturday, November 24, 2012

My Little Helpful Pen

I have a pen upon my desk

It watches from its spot,

To write my little ideas down

It always helps a lot.

It is so patient sitting there

It never makes a sound

No matter how I stumble along

When ideas can’t be found.

I often think within that pen

Are found such wonderous things

The answer to all our questions

What joy that pen could bring!

It’s written down my inner thoughts

My joy, my grief, my pain

If I could not let some of them out

I would truly be insane.

He lets me open up myself

He lets me feel so free

He opens up that ball of grief

For all the world to see.

Sometimes it gets so tight inside

It ties me in a knot

The worry that the world can give

When despair is all we’ve got.

He helps me to remember then

That I have a King on high

Who sits upon His mighty throne

In His Kingdom in the sky.

Although I don’t have a simple rhyme

For all the joy he brings

My simple little friend called “pen”

Makes my heart just soar and sing!

……………And best of all…….he’s Purple!!!

1 comment:

Muffie said...

So cute! I have a drawer full of pens, but I can't really use them anymore.