Monday, November 19, 2012

Bugs, Rugs and Drugs

This is the time of year when all the spiders and other critters seem to want to come in the house.  I realize that they do not want to be cold any more than the rest of us do, but I do NOT want to share my home with them!

We have a wood stove in the back sitting room.  My husband gets wood from different places to use in it.  I really love when the weather gets cold enough to light it and sit and watch the flames.  Unfortunately, the jumping wood bugs sometimes are in the wood he brings in and it is difficult to catch them.  If you have never seen one, they kind of look like crickets and jump like crickets do, except they are bigger and jump higher.  At least they don’t bite or sting like some insects.

The spider population has also exploded into a major problem.  The few times I have walked around to the front of the house, the spider webs were all over the trees and in the corners of the windows.  It was very disgusting.  It was also hard to clean and get rid of. 

There is also the problem of trying to do some Fall/Winter housecleaning.  I do not like carpets.  They smell and are so hard to keep clean.  We have taken up most of the carpet in our home and have wood floors.  They are so much easier to clean and do not have that “carpet” smell.  I am sure it is just me, but a scatter rug in front of the door and by the bed are enough rug-type things in the house.  Another reason we have decided to go with just plain floors is the tripping aspect of carpet/rugs.  I do not hang my feet as much and it seems more level on the floor.

Every time I go to see one of my doctors lately they want to up my medication.  I feel like I take a hundred pills a day and upping the dose does not feel like it makes any difference in the way my symptoms act.   But, I know that they do make a difference and I take them as prescribed.  I once thought one of my meds was not doing anything and missed a dose.  Big mistake!  After tossing, turning and hurting for hours one night I realized that I need this medicine and cannot quit taking it.  Most of my meds do not “feel” like they are doing anything, but not taking them would probably be a huge mistake and cause me a lot of pain and problems.

This blog is not really about anything in particular.  I am just “talking out loud” and getting things off my chest.  Sometimes it feels like I get all wound up inside and there is really nothing wrong.  I guess it is the helpless feeling of not being able to do things I need and want to do.  I share this feeling with many people.  Getting it out of my system helps me untie that knot that gets inside me and lets me step back and realize how very blessed and fortunate I am to be able to do the things I can.  So many of us can do nothing.

So, I leave you with this…………..if you come visit us you will find spider webs, jumping wood bugs and wood floors…..but more than that you will find a loving, happy home where you will be welcomed with open arms!

(I guess you can tell I am hoping for a snowy season!)

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Muffie said...

If it snows, keep it down there!! If I could stay inside and watch it fall, it would be okay, but going out in it makes me panic. We had a run of bugs a while ago, but I think they went away. Now my worry is mice getting in -- yuck -- or even worse, bigger varmints, like raccoons or squirrels. My husband assured me that everything has been checked, but I still get nervous.
I gave up on meds, but then again, I have no real pain. I do have mostly hardwood floors, but I also like carpets on them. As long as they're cleaned regularly, I never notice an odor.
Thanks for sharing those "knots" with us!