Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Knock Knock……….Who’s There???

I don’t know about you, but one of the biggest reasons that I will be glad when the election is over is because maybe the phone will quit ringing so much!  If there was someone on the other end of the call that I wanted to talk to, it would be different.  I have never known a time when I wanted to talk to a recording.  I don’t care if the call is for the person I wish to vote for or not, it is still irritating.  Between telemarketers and political calls, the phone has been constantly ringing lately.

It is also the time of year when most charities start calling for donations.  I really don’t like that either as we have chosen certain charities that we donate to and do not have the finances to donate to everyone.  Sometimes, if one calls all the time and does not seem to understand that most of us can’t give to everyone no matter how much we would like to, it makes me not ever want to help them out.

I am sure that this has been going on since the telephone was invented.  I probably did not notice it so much in past years because I was at work most of the day and did not have to hear it all day long.  That may be the only reason (except for getting paid, of course!) that would be good to be back at work. 

I guess this is blow off steam day!  One of the most irritating things about MS is that you never know what you will wake up to.  Some days it is intense burning; some days sharp pains; some days fatigue so bad you can’t even dress yourself; some days legs of jello, etc, etc, etc.  Some days, of course, it is all of the above and more.  I think if I had the same symptoms every day I could adjust to them better.  Since that is not the case, I stay off-kilter and can’t seem to be able to deal with what I get.  I know all of you are that way, but it sure is enough to keep your nerves on edge.

My psychiatrist says that I should work to keep a peaceful, uneventful day.  Obviously she has never had MS!  When something is working directly in your brain and nervous system to tear it apart, it is hard to be peaceful and easy-going.  Most days, I just try to deal with the buzzing and pain and not be too much of a bother to my husband.  I also work on not taking my irritation with my disease out on others.  Sometimes, as most of you know, that is not easy.

I guess most days are like a knock knock joke……….who’s there is a real joke anyway!


Muffie said...

Oddly, we haven't gotten any of those calls. We are on a do-not-call list, but I'm not sure that covers political calls too.
I know what you mean about the vagaries of this MS. If it just stayed the same, it would be a little easier to manage!

Janie said...

I put us on the do not call list also, but we still get a ton of calls.........I am just glad that after today, some of them will stop!