Thursday, August 15, 2013

Hooked On TV

The last few years or so, I became an avid reader.  I think that is true with most people who love to write.  Getting lost in the words of another is almost as good as writing your own.  I do not have a particular type of book I like to read.  I have read everything from the Harry Potter series to Agatha Christy to Biblical stories to biographies and enjoyed each one of them.

Unfortunately, over the past six months or so, I have been unable to read much.  As my eyes have gotten more blurry and weak, reading very much has been virtually impossible.  It is something I have really missed and hope that it will one day be in my realm of things I can do again.

I know for me, and most others that have a disease like MS or Crohn’s Disease, it is hard to adjust to the changes that we have to make in our everyday lives.  Many of my online MS friends have written about this and we all agree that it is a symptom that most doctors and others in our lives seem to dismiss.  Doctors cannot see it on their MRIs and other tests, so it is of no concern to them.  Most of our family and friends do not consider this a problem either because they cannot see any sign of this problem.  It is another of those things that are hidden from view, but very read to those of us suffering with it.

Most of us try to be as prepared for things that can happen as we can manage to be.  If it is getting close to winter, we have our furnaces checked out to make sure that it will keep us warm when the cold weather comes.  If it is getting close to summer, we have our a/c checked out to make sure that it will keep us cool when the hot weather comes.  We check the tires on our car to try and make sure they are safe to drive on.  We check the groceries in our home to make sure there is something to eat when we get hungry.  There are many things we can try to be prepared for.   Some things we can’t.

In a strange kind of way, I almost wish that MS and Crohn’s had attacked me when I was younger.  I know that may sound strange to most of you.  But, if you consider it, having both of these PLUS getting older hit me all at one time, it has been really hard to deal with.  I knew that as I reached a certain age my body would start to slow down and things would be a little harder to do as each year passed.  With my two diseases plus getting older, I sometimes feel that I am nearly at a stand-still.

We all have things that are hard to deal with.  I think, for the most part, I am dealing fairly well.  I know that if I get too whiny Howard will let me know!  I made him promise to because I do not want to be that way.  I also watch carefully to make sure I do not start sitting on that pity pot.  I keep the lid down and a cactus on top to keep me from not doing so.

I guess that watching TV has become my “hook” to take the place of reading.  Although I really don’t enjoy TV the way I enjoy getting engrossed in a good book, I am adjusting.  There are so decent shows and movies on and I have been able to keep myself occupied so far.  I am thinking of trying out a Kindle.  One of my friends told me that you can blow the words up and read fairly well with one.  I wonder………….sure would be great to read again………..


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Muffie said...

So far, my eyes are good, and that allows me to read -- my favorite pastime. TV is all right, but I'd much rather get lost in a good book any day. Hope the kindle works for you.