Thursday, June 13, 2013

On Demand

I have really gotten addicted to the On Demand feature of our cable system.  There are several programs that I like to keep up with and never seem to turn the TV on at the right time to see this.  With this feature, you can watch them when you wish.  It also allows you to watch certain movies when you want.  One of the best features of this is that there are very few, if any, commercials.  That is a big plus to me.

I usually spend several hours sitting in bed watching TV before I manage to get sleepy enough to go to sleep.  It is often very boring.  There are so many shows on that are obnoxious to me or ones that I have no interest in at all.  A lot of movies also fit into one of these categories.  I don’t feel that I am all that picky, but there are some things I just will not watch.

Most of the comedy shows that are on now are not in my taste.  They are either overly vulgar or are making fun of something I do not think should be made fun of.  I like comedy that is funny without having to involve curse words, sexual innuendoes, or intimidating someone.  I guess the type of comedy that Red Skelton and Bill Cosby used is out of date.  Both of them stated often that if you have to use off color language or throw barbs at someone, you aren’t really funny.  I agree.

I really am not writing this to get on a bandwagon.  My initial though was “wouldn’t it be nice if you could On Demand some pain medication, sleep aids or coolness?”  I think that would be a wonderful idea and some really smart somebody should invent this.  It would make a world of people grateful and happy and make that person a gazillionnaire.

It would be offered by all the cable and satellite companies at a special rate that only people who qualified for it would be allowed to get it.  The qualifications would involve obtaining the doctors records and/or a disability acceptance letter.  Hopefully, this would help cut out those who just wanted to get high and stay in bed all day.  I know that there are always ways to get around things, but maybe it would be monitored closely enough and very few would get it that did not deserve it.

It would probably involve some type of box one could fit into that would have the necessary equipment to perform whatever was needed from it at the time.  There would be a cable from the box that connected it with whatever provider one was using.  This cable would feed the information to the provider and receive the signal to allow the box to perform its task and renew any medications and such that were needed.  All insurance carriers and Medicare and Medicaid would be under a mandatory rule to carry this equipment.  No one who needed it would be turned down.

As I have said before, I would love sometime to demand a visit with Peter Pan in Neverland.  I don’t want to stay there, just visit.  I would also like to demand to win the lottery.  Then I could help all my family and friends who needed a little assistance and make my children and grandchildren financially independent.  I would also like to demand Peace On Earth……… but that is in the Hands of God and He has not appointed me His assistant or permission to take over His job!!

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Muffie said...

What a vivid imagination! If it ever does become a reality, sign me up!!