Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Thoughts in Poem-Style

I try not to whine

But I know that I do

When unable to do things

I want to pursue.

I want to tell others

How MS can be

Tell friends and tell family

That I rarely can see.

I try to share knowledge

Of things I have learned

To let others know

How often we’re spurned.

Being out in the public

Takes plenty of nerve

For most that we meet

Are both cold and reserved.

Most don’t want to know us

We are different than they

They just turn and ignore us

They don’t know what to say.

Most of us do learn

Many people aren't really mean

They just don’t know how to handle

Something they rarely have seen.

Then there are the others

Who smile and say hi

Who offer their friendship

Not just walk on by.

For these I am grateful

They truly are blessed

They are unique in their being

Set apart from the rest.

I guess sometimes I want

All the world to see

That we are really no different

Than others can be.

We live and we love

We are happy and sad

We are hard and we’re gentle

We are good and we’re bad.

So please when you see us

Don’t pretend we’re not there

We have friendship to offer

And happiness to share.


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Muffie said...

Cute poem and very true words!!