Friday, June 14, 2013

Planning A Party

When I was in my teens I had a terrible ulcer.  At one time I spent a few days in the hospital and received treatment intravenously.  I took medicine for over ten years for this problem.  Eventually it calmed down enough to where I could get off the medication if I was really careful with my diet.

Right now I think it is trying to cut my stomach into little pieces.  I feel like there is glass floating around in there and trying to find a way out.  I hope that it will ease up soon.

I almost want to cry.  It is not that I am in any worse shape than anyone else, and definitely in better shape than a lot of people.  But right now, I am wanting really bad to throw a pity party.  I am inviting no one to share it with me.  I will bring my own party favors, food and entertainment.  I do not plan on it lasting a long time, just long enough to get some of this pent up emotion out.

We have talked about the camel and the straw before.  It really is the small things that throw one for a loop.  When we face big hurdles, we have prepared for it and meet it head-on.  The little things sneak up on us.  They are lurking around each corner just waiting for the chance to pounce.  Once they see us, they watch us for a time to hit us at just the right moment.  They really are quite sneaky little devils.

I am wondering how we could make everything in life a circle.  That way no little things could hide behind corners and catch us by surprise.  We would see them coming and be able to prepare in advance for their arrival.  Not only that, we could continue to travel in a circle and they would never catch up to us.  Yep, seems like a plan to me.

If we all held hands, we could watch each other’s sides and backs.  Each person would be responsible for the person on their right and everyone would be covered that way.  No one would let the person next to them get surprised because the others would find out and not watch out for them. 

Right now I am considering what kind of party I might have.  I am hurting too bad to start the party yet.  I am still trying to figure out what other type of medicine I can try to see if it helps.  It is hard to plan a party while plowing through the medicine cabinet.  I might wait a while to think about that party……….maybe the pain will ease up a little so I can think about it………….maybe it will quit hurting in a short while and I won’t need a party…..oh yeah, I like that idea better!


Muffie said...

Janie, I'm so sorry you're feeling so crummy. I'd gladly come to your party -- I'd even bake a cake! Get well soon, and don't let it aggravate you.

Janie said...

Thank you Muffie. Would you bring chocolate cake please!! :)