Thursday, May 30, 2013

Bits and Pieces

A friend of mine had a thing on her Facebook today that said: “My brain is like the Bermuda Triangle.  Information goes in and then its never found again.”  Sounds familiar to most of us.  I thought it was well put.

We took Mother to her psychiatrist this morning.  She convinced him that the last medicine he prescribed for her was giving her diarrhea, took her appetite away and dried up her vagina.  Was I embarrassed by this?  No.  She has told everyone she talks to this.  She also never fails to want to pull up her blouse and show people the shingles on her breast.  It is getting to be old hat.  The only problem I have with the appointment was that he took her off this medicine and put her on some vitamins.  Now I ask you, how are vitamins going to calm her like an antidepressant does?  She was finally beginning to get to a state where we could deal with her fairly well.  I guess now we will start over.  I do not look forward to this.

We usually get together with Howard’s youngest brother and his wife on the weekend and play cards.  This week he is working Friday night so that will not happen.  It is one of the fun things that we look forward to all week.  Since Mother is afraid to be here alone at night, they come over and we play here.  It is always fun to be with them and it is medicine to us and gives us some relief from the strain of the week.   Maybe next week…………

I will have a little respite this Saturday morning.  The girls and I are having lunch together and celebrating four birthdays.  It is always so great to see everyone and laugh and just relax.  I am sure the ladies at the Two For Tea room will wonder what in the world is happening when we all come in with loads of presents.

Howard will probably go over to the old house Saturday morning and make sure everything is OK and the guy comes to mow the yard.  It will give him a little time away, too.  I will be so glad when the house sells.  Trying to make sure it is looked after and not vandalized and pay bills there and here takes a lot of effort.  It will be nice to have that over with.

I finally learned how to work “on demand” on the TV.  I know it is not hard but it took me a while to get the hang of it.  I have really enjoyed it.  There are lots of shows I like on the alternative networks but don’t really know the schedule for them.  This way I can just watch them when I want to or have the time.  I would still love to have popcorn to watch them with, but Crohn’s will not allow it.

My heart is still heavy for the folks in Oklahoma.  I know, from going through a hurricane that devastated our town, that it will be a long process before anything even remotely looks familiar again.  My thoughts and prayers are with them.

 Mother has had two valves replaced in her heart.  She has to take Coumadin every day and have her blood checked weekly.  Today was her day to get it checked.  The lab called about five minutes after we had gotten back home.  The lady said we had to come back and have it taken again because when they put the tube in the spinner, it turned red.  Uh…..isn’t blood supposed to be red?  No, she told me.  It is supposed to get clear when they spin it or the machine cannot read what it need to in the blood.  Pardon me, shows how ignorant I am about such things.

Anyway, I am trying to keep away from complaining about the health problems I have today.  There are enough other kinds of problems to keep me occupied I am sure!

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Muffie said...

I think sometimes we become so involved with the health of our family that we don't have much time to dwell on our own! Have fun with your friends!!