Thursday, May 9, 2013

Where is Matt When You Need Him?

As people have gotten on the internet and made friends with those whom they have things in common, the MS group has come to call itself an army fighting the dragon.  It makes sense to me and to most others fighting this disease.

One of the main problems I have with MS is trying to gear myself up for what it will throw at me on any given day.  There are the normal problems we have each day, but some days have extras thrown in.  I guess in all reality, no one knows what tomorrow may bring.

I was watching a TV movie the other night that was supposed to be about things that would happen in the future.  Like with most movies of that kind, the people became corrupt and there were wars and scandals and such.  Kind of looked like our time except with more sophisticated stuff!

One of the things that kind of fascinated me was the fact that people could put their hand against a screen and the machine would tell them what kind of day they would have.  It even had options to tell a week or month of what a person’s life would be like.  I really don’t think I would like that.

There is a lot of money each day spent on palm readers and other types of fortunetellers.  Everyone seems to want to know what is in their future.  But do they really?  What if something terrible is going to happen to you in five years.  Do you really want to spend the next four dreading the fifth year and not being able to enjoy the four?  If there is nothing you can do about it, why know?

I think I am better off not knowing what MS has in store for me tomorrow.  This way I can enjoy what I can do today without worrying about it.  I can have my hopes and dreams and be as happy as possible.  I will not spend my time being anxious because I think something bad is going to happen.  Sometimes, not knowing is the best medicine.

Most of us belong to a group of people who have our best interests in mind and help us fight whatever battles life throws at us.  We have our own little armies that encourage us and stand up for us anytime we need them.  I certainly do and know you do also.

My husband loves westerns.  Gunsmoke is something that he watches every day, even though he has seen most of them a few dozen times.  It is kind of like Andy Griffith….. you just have to watch when it is on.

I like Matt Dillon. Although he often has to kill someone, it always seems that it is something he would rather not have to do.  He is kind, helpful and ready to fight for the underdog.  Wouldn’t it be nice if he were here to fight for us!!!

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Muffie said...

My husband likes westerns, too, but I do not. Every day, a couple at my mother's home watch Gunsmoke.
I do think I'd like to know things in advance. Not to be morbidly fascinated, just prepared. I know I'm in the minority, though.