Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Wherever I go
Whatever I do
I’m making some plans
My dreams to pursue.
I probably won’t go
To England, France or Spain
But I can look at the stars
And walk in the rain.
I can read a good book
I can look at TV
I can look at the moon
I can be happy as can be.
Sometimes I cry
Over things I don’t have
Sometimes I laugh
Over things that I do.
If I count all the dreams
I have dreamt in my life
I would surely be stressed
I would be full of strive.
Most of my dreams
Seem so silly indeed
If they all had come true
What a life I would lead.
I know that God knew
When I asked Him for things
That a simple, sweet life
Would be just what I need.
So I’ll dream just a little
To say that I did
And be counting the stars
Like I did as a kid.
I’ll be happy I know
The people I do
And be thankful I have
All the things that I do.


1 comment:

Muffie said...

You really said it all!!