Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Biggest Loser

There is a television show called “The Biggest Loser”.  The idea of the show is for overweight contestants to see who can lose the most weight in order to win a cash prize.  I have never watched this show, but it seems to be pretty popular.  Shows with this same idea are shown all over the world.
Most of us have a weight problem (either too thin or too heavy), a learning problem, a sleep problem or a million other variations of problems.  No one is exempt from problems.  In today’s world, the job market, housing and gas costs, getting medical coverage and such are big problems that all races, ages and religions face. 
The news reports state that our society has the largest number of people on anti-depressants ever recorded.  They call that a news flash??!!!  With all the problems facing most people, I see no great surprise with this fact.  I am happy, though, that the suicide rate has not jumped alarmingly as it did during the great depression.
Most of us with MS face hurdles each day just getting out of bed.  Personally, I have to rest after sitting up, putting on my clothes, brushing my teeth, etc.  Most of us have major problems doing everyday things.  I used to take feeding myself, walking, combing my hair, dressing myself and other normal tasks for granted.  I do not any more.  These are precious little tasks that I cherish still being able to do myself.  One day I may not be able to do this.  Many with MS can do none of this and have not been able to for many years.
I am privileged to be on an MS site with a lot of wonderful people.  They are my “family”.  Some with MS can no longer walk, talk, see, or have what most consider a normal life.  Most of us have limitations, but have adjusted our routine and enjoy our lives. 
One of the wonderful things about this family is that most do not feel sorry for themselves.  They enjoy all the things they CAN do and try not to dwell on the things they CAN’T.  Instead of being the biggest losers, they are, by far, the biggest winners!! J

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