Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sleepy, Dopey, Grumpy, etc

MS makes me very moody.  When I am hurting more than usual, I find that I am grumpy.  When I have to take more medicine than usual, I am dopey.  When I have my usual sleepless nights, I am sleepy.  When I have a fairly good day, I am happy.  I think that the 7 dwarfs would welcome me into their family because I can relate to just about all of them!
All of us, whether MSers or not, have moody days.  The trick is to balance our moods so as not to interfere with the moods of others.  What does that mean?  If someone is happy, don’t growl and be a “party pooper” just because you don’t feel well.  I have been around a lot of people, at work and otherwise, that just can’t stand for someone to feel good if they don’t.
The same is true for other moods.  If you are having a good day and are happy, don’t dismiss the problems someone else may be having.  I have also seen people disregarded when they were having problems and others were having a good day.  I have known some of them to try and harm themselves because no one took the time to try and help them.  We all know that the suicide rate is really high, a lot of the cause being that no one took the time to care.
So many of us live in our own little worlds when we have a chronic illness.  It is easy to get lost in our own routine of trying to get around, take our meds and do the normal things that others take for granted.  I know that I have been guilty of this and am trying hard to correct this fault.  (1 down - a gazillion to go!)
I hope we can all stop and try to recognize what others around us are feeling and going through and be the shoulder or smile that they need.  I know I could use one of each many days…….and hope to be able to provide these on other days.
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