Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Superhero In The Box?

I love the Cheerios commercial where the little boy and his Daddy are shopping in the grocery store.  The Daddy get a box of Cheerios off the shelf and the little boy asks him questions about things in the box.  He names off several things like toys, stickers and such that might be in there.  He finally asks if there is a superhero in the box and the Daddy says, “kinda”.  I think it is a sweet, cute commercial.
It is a shame a superhero can’t be found in most boxes of medicine.  I am sure there are days when we could all use one.  Most of the things we take for colds, flu and such are just that – things.  If we kept our money and waited a certain amount of time, the cold or flu would run its course and be over with just as fast without the “thing” we bought to help it.
I know that stomach medicine and cold remedies often ease the symptoms we are having.  But they don’t cure the problem.  Sometimes the problems we are having are brought on by things we do.
If you have a sensitive stomach and you insist on eating pizza, you will have a stomach ache.  You can ease the pain with OTC medication, but it will not cure the stomach problem, or the thing causing the problem.
If you are around people with colds, you will more than likely get one.  You can ease the symptoms of the cold with OTC medication, but if you get around those people again, you will probably catch another cold.
These things do not take a rocket scientist to figure out!
The sad part of this is that a lot of us have problems that OTC medication and no amount of trying to avoid certain foods or sick people can help or cure.  Not just people with MS, but a great number of people have things that they could not have avoided having and see no cure in sight.  Although many of us are avoided by the general public out of ignorance, we are not contagious and present no problem to the public.
We would all like to be able to find that superhero in a box.  Although that is very unlikely, we do find a lot of “heroes” in our everyday lives.  Our support groups, whether family, friends, or strangers, are all the superheroes we could ask for!!!!

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