Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Piece of the Pie

I am a dessert lover.  I don’t want dessert with each meal, but when I do crave one, nothing else will satisfy that need. My favorite is chocolate pie, not that I turn down cakes, cookies or other pies.
MS reminds me of a pie being cut.  There are all these little pieces that go together to make a whole.  Each piece is only a small part of the whole picture. 
Most people who don’t know much about MS consider it a disease that cripples.  This is true, but not always so.  Unfortunately, many that have MS end up in a wheelchair and need around the clock care.  Some cannot feed themselves, dress themselves or do anything with their arms and legs.  This is the extreme side of MS.
Many with MS carry on their work life, home life and social life with few adjustments.  They many have to take medication for pain or sleep, but can function fairly normal in the outside world.
Most of us fit in the middle of all this.  We deal with cognition problems, walking issues, pain, sleeplessness, buzzing, speech and many more symptoms.  Each symptom causes problems with being able to function properly in everyday life.  Although most of us will not be totally dependent on someone else to take care of us, most of us do have to have help with our everyday lives.
 We all like to think that we have our lives together in an orderly fashion.  With MS, we learn that having pieces all jumbled around out of order is the norm for us.  What may seem like a very disorganized way of doing something may be the only way that we can get it done. 
All in all, life is good.  No matter what goes wrong, it usually straightens out after a while.  We just have to be patient and wait on the good part to work its way back around to us.  Each piece of us has its own place and hopefully will get back where it belongs and be a help to us rather than a hindrance.
While I’m waiting on all my little pieces to get back in order, I think I would like my piece of chocolate pie please……………with a lot of whipped cream on top!


Muffie said...

I, too, like a little dessert from time to time. Go over to "Muffys Marks" and read about the easy recipe she has!
Yes, we are like a sliced pie -- all making the whole of us.

Janie said...

I like Muffys Marks.......and you are right...a little bit of dessert is nice on most days!!