Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Monster Within

My Daddy always loved horror movies.  I like them too, but prefer mysteries.  It is fascinating to me to follow the crime, clues and get to the conclusion of the story.  I would love to have the brains to figure out some of the things that these detectives and law enforcement people have to on a daily basis.
Illness is like that.  Every day we have different problems and many of them often fit into several different categories. 
Headaches are pretty common with MS.  They are also common with colds, the flu, infections, etc.  To put them into one category is being naïve.  Some headaches will take you to your knees while others are just annoying.
Pain could fit into a multitude of categories.  Some pain is severe while other pain can be eased with aspirin or other OTC drugs.  Some pain lasts days, weeks, months, or years, while other pain lasts only a few hours.
Vertigo can come from many different causes.  Inner ear infections, nerve tissue damage, diabetes, head trauma and migraines can cause this.  Some causes of vertigo are treatable and last only a short time.  Other causes many last a lifetime.
Each symptom/clue of any illness or diseases can lead to a diagnosis.  Sometimes, though, an illness may share so many symptoms with other diseases that it is hard to diagnose. MS is one of those diseases.
MS can have a few symptoms or a multitude of symptoms.  The symptoms may all come at once, or vary from week to week.  Most of us with MS fluctuate from symptom to symptom and wake up in the morning wondering what the day will bring.  More often than not, it is not a lessening, but a worsening barrage of pains and difficulties.
As with any “monster”, having the tools and knowledge can help fight it, but may not destroy or keep it under control.  Medical science has developed several treatments for MS, but they often do little more than slow the development of the disease.  There is no cure for MS.  All we can hope for is an easing of some of the problems we face each day and the support and help of our friends and family.
I really don’t believe in those “bump in the night” type of monsters.  But, just in case I am wrong, I will keep my stake sharpened, crucifix over my bed and necklace of garlic handy!

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