Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Earthquake Zone

Several months ago I was sitting at the computer, minding my own business, and the world shook.
It took me a few minutes to realize what was happening since most of the time I am shaking anyway.  I got the picture when my dog’s eyes got really big and she howled.
Howling from your dog may not seem like much to most of you, but Buffy NEVER howls.  She has a high-pitched, Pomeranian bark, which she uses every chance she gets.  Otherwise, except for snoring, she doesn’t make noise.  Howling was quite out of the ordinary.
Like most MSers, my hands often shake, legs wiggle and jump, back and arms buzz, etc.  I have had times when I was afraid to pick up a glass or try to feed myself for fear of spilling it all over the place.  Although this is not an everyday occurrence, it happens often enough to be considered a normal part of MS.  When the earthquake happened, it was really strange because I could hardly feel the “extra” shaking that wasn’t coming from something I was doing on my own.
I am on several website with other MSers.  It makes me really sad to read that some have quit going out and socializing with their friends.   Many of them do not want to embarrass the people they are with by going out to eat and dropping things.  Many don’t go to the movies anymore, shopping, or anything in the public. 
I know how they feel.  I have gone out to eat with my husband and he had to end up feeding me.  Although it was a totally sweet thing for him to do, it made me feel so bad.  I felt embarrassed, helpless and just wanted to cry.  He just ignored everyone around us and kept talking and eating.  He is so special!
I have been putting my thinking cap on and trying to come up with things that we can do during our shaky times that otherwise might be hard.  I have the following so far, and will think about more:
Shaking spray paint
Shaking orange juice
Shaking salad dressing
Shaking whipped cream
Anyone have more suggestions???!!!


Lisa Emrich said...

This post is great and will be included in the next Carnival.

Janie said...

Thank you, Lisa! I am honored!

Leah said...

I saw this post through the Carnival.
I also shake terribly with my LH, but fortunately not with my R. I have been using kinesio tape on that arm and it does help some. Have you tried using that? Granted, I haven't been able to play piano w/both hands any more, but typing has become much easier.