Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Fleas and Bees

We had the least amount of winter that I can remember.  There were hardly any nights that even got down to freezing.  It may have been great for heating bills, but the summer will probably be overflowing with insects.
I feel sorry for the dogs and cats.  They will have to be “deflead”, flea collared, and washed more often.  If most are like our dog, she does not like that!  Although she likes playing in the yard, I’m sure she had rather never go outside than have to go through flea treatments.
The mosquitoes, flies and such will be out in full force.  The spiders, snakes and other unmentionables will thrive in the heat.  The bees will also have a good year.
Unfortunately, most of us with MS don’t need to be around a lot of bees to buzz!  We buzz a lot on our own.  When my buzzing is really on full power, the sensation is so strong I  wonder why others can’t hear or see it.
According to Dr. Gary Levin, Multiple Sclerosis pins and needles, or buzzing, are caused by damage to myelin, which forms a protective sheath over the nerves. Myelin helps in the fast carrying of signals from the brain to the nerves. When myelin is damaged, it is unable to do this function, which in turn leads to the nerves getting damaged. When this condition occurs, it leads to symptoms like dizziness, fatigue, bowel and urine inconsistencies, depression, neurological disorders as well as tingling sensation. One of the early symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis is MS pins and needles, which are usually brought on as a result of MS related heat resistance or a result of MS fatigue. In most cases, it should lessen or disappear once the person’s body temperature is normal or when the person has gotten sufficient rest. Touch sometimes triggers this sensation. MS pins and needles is one sensory symptom of Multiple Sclerosis that is very commonly referred to as tingling, numbness, pins and needles, burning sensation, severe itchiness or a vibrating or buzzing sensation. It can come on at any time of the day or night. In fact, this being neurological in origin, is one of the key symptoms associated with MS that often leads people to seek treatment. MS pins and needles usually appear in the hands and legs and tend to move to the core. It can interfere with normal body functions. 
Not only am I dreading summer because of the probable overpopulation of critters, but the heat will get the buzzing really tuned up.  When I took piano as a child, one of the pieces my teacher often had me practice was “Flight of the Bumblebee” by Nikolai Andreyevich Rimsky-Korsakov.  What I played was a very simplified version of a very hard piano piece, but made me feel like I was really doing something to be able to play it.
Maybe all us MSers can get on our little bumblebee costumes and buzz away for the summer………either that or stay inside in the air conditioning…………I think I’ll go with the latter choice! ;)


Muffie said...

I sometimes DO think others can see me buzzing!! It reminds me of a cell phone on vibrate! My worst fear about this moderate winter weather is the abundance of pollen, and for me that means allergies. I've already started with the sneezing and sniffling. It tires me even more, and anti-histamines can put me to sleep. Just one more fun little thing to go along with the MS.

Janie said...

The heat scares me more than the pollen........I really dread summer!