Friday, April 20, 2012

Inventors Wanted!

My husband and I are often at stores that sell electronics and it is so fascinating to see all the gadgets that are on the market.  Many of them are so helpful to those of us who have problems with everyday activities.
I really like the programs for computers.  There is a lady in my local MS Chapter who is in a wheelchair, cannot move her hands and legs, but is on the computer a lot.  She uses one of those programs where she speaks into a microphone and it types what she is saying onto her computer.  I think that is awesome!  There are several different kinds of programs that do this and should be one that would suit anyone who has the same type problems what she does.
I use that example because I am a computer geek “wannabe”!  I love messing around on the computer and am totally fascinated at all the things one can do with one.  Not only is it educational, but I really enjoy playing games, writing this blog and staying in touch with people I would not otherwise have gotten to know.  It has really opened up the world for those of us that are limited in our mobility and opportunity to travel.
The problem I have some days, as well as many other MSers, is that my hands and fingers do not want to cooperate with what I am trying to do.  Some days I am fine and can function pretty well. Other days I cannot pick up and pen and write for any amount of trying.  I have not written a check in over a year because the last time I tried, I just scribbled and could not get my hand to do what my brain was telling it to.
There are also days that my words do not come out of my mouth correctly.  On those days, I don’t think those “talking” programs would help.  I don’t think they understand gibberish!
So many fantastic things have been invented to help with “miss functioning” bodies.  There are still many more that would be a great help to those of us struggling to function in the everyday world.  I think some highly intelligent person could invent a program that would read out minds and perform the function for us on those days when our speech and hands are not working properly.
Of course, that DOES lead to the problem where many days my brain is not working any better than the rest of me and who knows what the program would end up doing!!  I might end up with a lot of “that does not compute”!!! J


Muffie said...

Such a cute post -- and I'm right there agreeing with all of it!!

Janie said...

Thanks Muffie! I keep noticing typos in my is a shame that my keyboard prints what I type, rather than what I think!! :)