Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Planting the Garden

My husband and I really enjoy planting flowers and our little garden.  We bought our plants and planted them today.  Actually, he did most of the work, but I did manage to get rather dirty trying to help!
Planting things and watching them grow is a joy.  It is so fascinating to watch a tiny seed or plant grow and sprout a beautiful flower, vegetable, or greenery. 
With watching things grow, you have to be sure and water them, feed them, and weed them.  It is a shame that we can’t “weed” our MS and get rid of it!  Maybe a good bug killer would do the trick!
The more that medical science learns about disease, the better they are at developing treatments and medicine to help cure or control them.  There are so many diseases that, years ago, would kill hundreds and thousands of people and now rarely is heard of.  With all the money that is spent on research it would seem that more and more diseases will go into the extinct category.
I hope and pray that one day MS will be in that group.  I realize that there are so many things that the human body can develop that is harmful and deadly to us that it will take many, many years to get a handle on all of them.  For those of us waiting for a cure, it seems like an excruciatingly long time.
I think that things get out of hand sometimes with priorities.  The diseases that cause the most deaths and impairment should be at the top of the list for research.  Many people get all bent out of shape over those of us trying to get disability benefits and other help with medical costs because we are unable to work and take care of ourselves.  I understand that many who do not really need it take advantage of these aids and make it harder for those of us that do to obtain help.  This is not new and will always be.
Hopefully, some of the doctors who are dedicated and desire to help those of us who are struggling with illness will get a breakthrough soon.  I know in my heart that most of us want to be productive human beings again.
Until that time, maybe we can talk one of those weed killer companies into investing in a little project on the side………….MS Zapper would be a good name don’t you think??!!

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Muffie said...

Loved the image of planting! We're working on an herb garden grown from seed -- only sprouts right now. I'm not sure I'll see an MS cure in my lifetime. There's so much money to be made in the meds, why look for a cure? {I imagine these thoughts as belonging to Big Pharma...]