Friday, April 13, 2012

The Weeping Willow

She stands among the towering oak
The pines and spruce so tall,
They bunch together in the grove
And offer shade to all.
In Spring some flower, showering the earth
With colors bold and pure
In Fall some lose their flowery coats
To shiver and endure.
Some legends say that fairies hide
Beneath her delicate limbs
Some say that it is leprechauns
Who scamper, skip and skim.
Some say the ancient Hebrews sang
And played their harps so fine
And hung them in their branches when
Their songs they left behind.
I wonder if the willow tree
Feels she’s had too much to bear
Of people passing beneath her limbs
To leave their woes and cares.
Sometimes I feel just like that willow tree
When emotions carry me along
No matter how I fight them back
They seem so tough and strong.
I cry just lying on my bed
Or sitting on my chair
Although I search my brain for fault
They came from out of nowhere.
I sometimes really have to admit
Depression plays a key
I am sad and moody and teary
When I really want to be cheery.
I know sometimes MS causes me
To be someone I’m not
A shadow of my former self
Discouraged and distraught.
But I also have a strength inside
That often helps me win
The battle of depression
From that glow of God within.
He helps me fight my battles
Gives me strength when I have none
He is my knight in shining armor
He will fight this mighty MS dragon!


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