Friday, April 6, 2012

Just Words…….

I love watching movies.  Mysteries are my favorite.  I used to like horror movies (my Daddy’s favorite!), but the ones they make now are just blood and gore, so I quit watching them.  A good old haunted house movie seems to be a thing of the past.
The problem with watching them now is that I often lose track of the dialog.  As my MS progresses, I notice that I have a lot of problems keeping up with conversations.  My husband and I really enjoy discussing things with each other.  He will often stop talking, smile, and say “you are losing the conversation, aren’t you?”  I guess the blank look on my face is a dead give away?!
Cognitive problems are one of the big problems with MS.  I have read a lot of things relating to this and know, myself, that it is an issue that seems to gradually get worse and worse.  There are some highly intelligent people who have MS and can no longer do the things they need to do to keep their jobs.  I read about one lady who was the head of a marketing firm who could no longer read and understand the reports she was given each day at work.  She also was supposed to lead the weekly meetings and could no longer keep her thoughts together long enough to do so.  It was really sad.
The really good thing about writing this blog is that I can do it at my own speed.  If I lose my train of thought, I can stop and begin again when (and if!) it comes back.  Many MSers have to quit their jobs because they can no longer function at the pace that is needed to maintain their jobs.  I could not do the job I did for this reason.
Although it has taken a while to not feel useless not having a job, I do know that it is for the best.  Having worked all my life I felt that I was not contributing to the upkeep of my family.  My husband is very understanding and has continuously told me that all the things I do make up for not bringing in an income.  It is beginning to sink into my brain, although not fully there yet.
Everyone has their own favorite movies.  I think I might watch Titanic again soon.  It is a wonderful, beautiful movie and I really enjoy it.  It doesn’t matter if I lose track of the dialog in that movie……….I’ve seen it so many times that I pretty much know it by heart anyway!


Muffie said...

I, too, love mysteries and suspense, but not gore. I'm fortunate in that MS has not stolen my cognition -- just my mobility. I'm planning on a viewing of Titanic next week also.
You're a lot like me in that you feel sorrow about the loss of employment -- I mourn it constantly.

Janie said...

I also find it funny in that all the years I worked, I was anxious to get to the age of retirement. Now, I just wish I was able to work again! As the old saying goes, we are never satisfied! How can we friend each other?