Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Day to Day to Day………..

When I was younger, I loved changes.  A different car, clothes and music were so much fun to experience as fads came and went.  There were some good ones and some bad ones, but each was unique and exciting.

Now that I am older, plus trying to deal with MS, changes are often scary and hard to deal with.  In the past month, we have gotten new cell phones, a new computer, a new printer, a new VCR and thinking of switching our internet, telephone and television provider.  Although I have really enjoyed these new things, they also have been hard for me to learn and be able to use.

MS has really “eaten” my brain cells this year.  From reading blogs and Facebook posts from others with MS, this seems to be a normal occurrence. I DON’T LIKE IT!! Trying to type on this new keyboard is driving me crazy!  It may not seem like much to most people, but it is a major headache for me right now.  The new mouse has a mind of its own, too!

Every day, those of us with MS face a multitude of challenges just trying to be “normal”.  Most days, it doesn’t happen……….we stumble along and do the best we can and try to keep a smile on our faces.  Some days, we just give in and cry.

I was thinking of just sitting on the sofa and crying the other day when I started to realize how many blessings I have, the biggest one being an understanding husband!  Not too many years ago, we were not able to afford all these new gadgets.  We are so blessed in that we can usually buy the things we need, and many that we just want.

There are many outside things that I am thankful for also.  We have “raised” two nests of robins and one of doves.  We are hoping that the rabbits bless us with a new litter soon.  Watching these precious babies grow and get out on their own is a blessing that no amount of money could ever buy.

Even though my brain is often on the pause button, I can still manage to get through most days and do the things I need to do.  There may come a time when I cannot, but for the time being, I usually can.  I know that many are unable to perform even the simplest functions and I thank God for each day I can.
So, I will keep looking out my back door and hoping to see some baby rabbits…….. some squirrels ……..more birds……… butterflies …..and any other little critters that may wander into the backyard… :)


Muffie said...

Oh, you should post pix of the baby animals. So cute! Speaking of pix, what happened to yours?? I'm going through mine to add it, as you requested.
As far as the MS fog with new gadgets -- get to know a 12year old. They can easily maneuver the tech world and put it in language you'll understand!

Janie said...

I'm putting the pic back on. Was trying to find a better one, but.....oh well!
Know what you mean about kids...they figure this stuff out instantly....of course they grew up with it and we didn't!