Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Little Understanding Goes A Long Way (Part Two)

I hate to beat something in the ground, but I think this point is important.  We need to have more consideration for other people’s feelings and problems.

Most of us with MS are in a similar situation – we are limited in our activities and have to enjoy what we can within these limitations.  That is why there are so many Facebook and other websites that a lot of us gather on to discuss our problems.  I have been so blessed to be able to make a lot of friends this way and feel like they have helped me with so many of my problems.  We try to encourage each other and pass along any help we can give to each other.

Most of us also play a lot of the games offered on these sites, especially Facebook.  It is something we can do to entertain ourselves and hopefully keep our minds as sharp as possible.

As with most people with friends on Facebook, I have MS and non-MS friends.  Most of my friends are aware of my problems and are kind and considerate.  Some of those friends are not, although they may not mean to be unkind.  Some of the people I have “friended” have been referred by other people, are game friends, or just wandered onto my site for some reason and asked to be friends.  I usually don’t turn anyone down unless I am really suspicious of them, which has only occurred a couple of times.

Usually, like a lot of you, I often wade through a lot of Facebook talk without really reading it.  I did stop and read something the other week because the person writing the comments was doing so on a friend’s post and I recognized the person.  I was a little hurt and disgusted at the comment.

My friend had, as do all who play games, posts appear on her site from requests she had made while playing games.  If you don’t know about this, when you need something in one of the games you are playing, the game usually posts it to your site.

The other person had written under the request: “Do not ask me for game requests.  I do not play games and consider them a waste of time.  If you do insist on posting games requests on my site, I will unfriend you.”

Maybe some of you reading this agree with this comment.  I don’t.  If you do not play games, I have no problem with that.  I do, however, have a problem with rudeness.

Many people, as I stated above, do not realize that some of these things are the only outlet that a lot of us have.  Our entertainment and many of our friends are online and that is the major part of our lives.  If someone does not understand this, fine.  If I don’t care for the things some people are saying online, I skip over it.

Sorry………..just needed to vent……..thanks for “listening”……I am OK now!!! J


Sherri said...

I play the games on Facebook...I can't afford to pay for the brain game they are expensive!

So far I've been lucky that no one has complained about my silly game me, I'm sure they just ignore the games they don't play.

I don't understand rudeness...and I'm the sort that would've replied with the following:

I am so sorry my game requests have offended you. I hate that I must waste my time (and yours) playing these silly games. But alas, they necessary to help keep my brai strong while fighting this chronic illness. In the future I will do what I can to prevent the requests from appearing on your wall. If I remember that is...see these games are to help with memory and thought processes. At least I haven't lost the ability to feel compAssion and kindness.


Muffie said...

I, too, see these requests every day. I don't play those games like Farmville because I never started and really don't understand what's going on with them.

I did sign on for Words with Friends, but I don't understand who I'm supposed to play with! I also joined the free online Scrabble (you have to submit to constant ads, but to join as a member costs $40!)

Many of my friends have game requests all the time, but since I don't play, I just scroll past. I would never post a nasty comment, though.

As you said, Janie, we all have to be mindful how we speak online, and we can't just indiscriminately hurt others' feelings.


Janie said...

Thanks for the Comments. I just hate that people cannot be understanding of others, whether in person or online. As you said, Sherri, some of us do this to try and keep our brains active. Most of us cannot afford the expensive brain training sessions and this is the only help we get. Thanks ladies for joining in on this!!! I really appreciate your reading this blog and helping put into words the things I am trying to convey...

Olivia said...

I get too tired sitting to play games, but if you like them, have fun and hide the people who upset you! Hugs and light your way! Olivia