Friday, May 4, 2012

Out With the Old………..

This computer is about six years old.  It is running Windows XP.  When I have a problem, I often cannot find help with it.  So, my husband has convinced me that we need a new computer.

I am anxiously awaiting the UPS truck to bring it.  Anxious in two ways: (1) it is always thrilling to get something new “to play with”, and (2) anxious about being able to think clearly enough to switch from one system to another.

I am a computer nerd wannabe.  I am fascinated by all the information it offers and all the entertainment available to waste a few hours with.  The whole world is at my fingertips when I surf the internet.  I have a lot of wonderful “friends” on Facebook.  When I want to see what I have missed of my favorite shows, I can watch them online.  I can listen to music or play games when I want to be entertained.  There is just so much to offer with a computer and I have trouble wondering why anyone would not want one.

I am also afraid that my cognition has gotten to the point that it will be a real struggle for me to learn all that I will need to learn to be able to do what I want to with this new system.  Not only will I have to learn the system, but I need to get a lot of stuff off the old one and onto the new.  I get really nervous thinking about it.

Computer manufacturers and programmers really get on my main nerve sometimes.  I don’t understand why those of us that are satisfied with things cannot be allowed to continue using them.  I realize that on the surface, we can.  But if we want any help or need some troubleshooting, we are out of luck with an older system. 

I guess in all fairness, it is this way with just about everything.  Every year the car companies put out a new model that we will eventually need to upgrade to in order to stay in the guidelines of passing inspections.  After a while, we will no longer be able to have our older models worked on or find parts for them without going through an act of congress.

The same is true for televisions, telephones, clothes and so on.  The product and demand cycle has gotten us so used to having the newest and best that we cannot seem to remember when that was not the case.  It is very sad.  Some of the best things were the original designs.  Although most things have gotten shinier and fancier, they are not necessarily better.

Those of us that have MS often find all this change a challenge that others may not realize.  Reading instructions, comprehending what you read and following through with these, all are great hurdles that are often beyond our reach.  Maybe someone should come out with a separate manual on each item for MS people!  It would involve in depth instructions with little pictures so we MIGHT get it!

As I get older, I realize how much I loved the simple life.  We seemed to appreciate things more and held on to them because they were special.  I am glad my husband is like that and won’t toss this “old” out for a “new”!! J


Muffie said...

Since I recently went through this, I certainly empathize. When my "former" computer blew (it wasn't that old, but caught a virus,) I waited while all the techies worked on it. In the end, I gave up. My new computer is great, but I had to endure a re-initiation process, and I had to learn Windows 7. Now, I love it! Give it time, and you will, too.

Janie said...

I hope 7 a lot different? I spend so much time on the computer and don't need any more complications! :)