Monday, May 14, 2012

Spring Cleaning

Dear Lord it’s that time of year again
And my wardrobe is in need of changing
This attitude I’m wearing is all worn out
And my life is in need of re-arranging.
They say that forgiveness is “in” this season
I think I’ll try some on and see
If I discard some old fears, and put on some new smiles
There’d be considerable improvement in me.
I realize some times that these feelings
Are hurt, regret and despair,
There are people who don’t know my problems
And many who don’t even care.
Sometimes it makes me so angry
When others make light of our pain,
But is that MY problem not theirs
Are we really not all just the same?
We judge, we have sorrows and triumphs
In life’s little up and it’s downs
Can we not trade our questions for answers
And make smiles out of all of these frowns?
I’d hate to be caught wearing outdated sadness
And laughter is chic as can be
Do you think if I change my whole wardrobe
I would show the happy, blessed person who’s me! J


Muffie said...

Beautiful poetry, Janie! You really caught the total image of disability!
PS I just noticed your photo! Now I know to whom I'm writing!!

Janie said...

Thank you, Muffie! The picture is so-so......I need to see one of you!! :)