Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Rainy Days and (pick a day!)

I love rainy days. Makes me want to curl up in my favorite chair with a good book and a cup of coffee………..or a good movie……or just take a nap!

These kinds of days are special to those of us with MS. Not only do we not have to find a place out of the heat, but our eyes are not hurt by the bright sunshine. I know most people love the summertime.

They get to play/work outside, get a tan, swim, run, bike and other activities. Most of us MSers don’t have those options. Our outdoor activities usually involve trying to get into an air conditioned building or car as quickly as possible!

Summertime heat is especially hard on my fatigue issues. When I get hot, I become weak, nauseated and my speech becomes slurred. It is like being drunk without drinking anything. A lot of MSers have said that people often accuse them of being drunk because of these symptoms.

The sunshine also makes my eyes hurt and get blurred. Lights of just about any kind that are bright, or even normal to most people, make me squint and turn away. Not only do they hurt my eyes, but if I am exposed to them long enough, they seem to make me dizzy. My husband often tells me to turn the light on, but I really hate doing this because of my eyes. Even reading seems more relaxing with only a dim light.

MS is a strange disease. What would seem like healthy activities to most people are often taboo to us. Doctors tell people to get outdoors and exercise as often as possible. That is a wonderful idea, and very appealing, but not usually one that MSers can do.

As it is, I have become addicted to the computer and read a lot. The computer has opened up a lot of things and places to me that I would not otherwise have been able to experience. I know that this is true for most people. But to those of us that will probably only “get outside” by doing so through our computer, it has been such a blessing.

 Reading has always been one of my passions. There is so much to learn and enjoy through the written word. We can learn new things, be entertained, be scared, and be blessed through books.

So, I think I will turn down the lights and read………..or watch TV………or play on the computer……or just …..zzzzzzzzz !!!!!

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Muffie said...

We're also having a rainy day. My husband had planned to golf, but he had to cancel. (Picture a pouting five year old!) On his golf days, I have my own quiet time, so I'll miss that, but I am taking an at-home day. I, too, like to 'curl up' with a good book, so today, I'll exile the grumpy kid to his other tv room, and I'll catch up on DVRed shows I've missed, then I'll read my book, and possibly also do a little zzzzz.


PS Bright lights and flashing ones kill my eyes. I always wear sunglasses in the car.