Thursday, May 31, 2012


Sometimes I wonder
How life will play out
Will I ease into darkness
Or go out with a shout.
Will I mourn past loses
Or celebrate past gains
Will I be a better person
Or remain the same old same.
I hope I can remember
How fun life was before
From climbing up a mountain
To running on the shore.
I used to dance till dawn
And work from nine to five
I was full of fun and energy
And happy to be alive.
The years have not been kind
They’ve piled on much, it seems
To swallow up my hopes
And trample down my dreams.
But as I sit and ponder
All the years that have gone by
I can only smile with joy
They were fun, I can’t deny.
This monster they call MS
Has slowed me down with pain
It has scrambled up my brains
And I’m usually walking with a cane.
The things I used to do with ease
Come at a cost so dear
Even though I try to ignore it
It makes itself so clear.
But though I moan and grumble
I am not at all “why me?”
No matter where I seem to go
There are always worse I see.
So thank You God for everything
The sun, the earth, the rain
The blessing You have given all
Even through the hurt and pain.
We are blessed beyond comprehension
Just look around and see
I bet you’ll feel like I do and say
There is No One blessed more than me!! ;)


Muffie said...

So, so beautiful! And very, very true. I try daily to have that kind of positive outlook -- sometimes it actually happens!

Olivia said...

I love this poem! Beautiful, I think you wrote my heart! Xo Olivia

Janie said...

Thank you both for the nice comments! I really appreciate it!