Thursday, April 14, 2011

Altered Dreams

Most of us have a lot of dreams when we are young.  We dream about finding a mate, having a family, getting the perfect job, finding the perfect home and other such normal things.  We also dream about retirement and all the traveling we will do and having the time to do all the things we could not do while in the workforce.  Usually, these things only come partly true.
Most of us worked at a job that was only fulfilling in that it paid the bills; our family was not perfect; we could not afford “the perfect” home; illness plagued us off and on.  When we started getting older, all the things in our dreams had to be downsized to fit how life actually was.
I am fortunate in having a wonderful husband, nice house, good kids and enough savings to live without fear of having things taken from me.  The only real problem I have is the MS working against my body.
I didn’t expect to be jumping around and feeling like I did at twenty, but I did expect to be able to go on trips and do crafts and play with my grandchildren.  I am quite limited in these endeavors.  It makes me sad to think I might get to the point where I am wheelchair bound and unable to do most of the things of my dreams.
I have, however, decided that dreams can be changed at the last minute and made into reality.  As long as I have any part of my brain, and able to maneuver along in any fashion, I will enjoy my life and have fun!

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