Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I really envy people who go to bed and sleep.  It seems like a foreign concept to me the past few years.  Not only do I not sleep at night, I can only rarely sleep in the daytime either.
Most nights I toss and turn most of the night.  I get hot, not like a hot flash, but inside the body hot.  It feels like I am suffocating from inside and can’ cool off.
Sometimes the leg pain is bad.  No matter where I put my legs, they are pulsating and uncomfortable.  I was told years ago that I had Restless Legs, but it is also a part of the MS cycle.  There is no amount of pain medication that can stop it, short of just taking enough to knock yourself out.  I am NOT into that!
There is also the back of the neck, down the spine pain that always wants to start around one or two AM.  The pillows won’t adjust under my neck right and no matter which way I turn, it still hurts.  The MS doctors say it is the nerve sensors trying to make their rounds in the body and the body is resisting them.  Whatever, I just wish they would go where they need to be and quit hurting!
OK, tired of my whining yet?  I am!  Just need to vent a little now and then……………
All in all, life is pretty good.  I am still walking and still able to write this in what I hope is proper words.  Those, in themselves, are cause for rejoicing!  Many are not this fortunate and have no prospects of ever having these functions back.
Each day brings new challenges to all of us.  We should always be thankful for the faculties we still have and can use.  They are not promised to us tomorrow, so use them and enjoy them today.
Me, I think I will walk all I can today and try to catch up on some of my correspondence and other writing projects.  I am very thankful for all I have and hope that my brain will find time to come back and visit me some!

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