Friday, April 15, 2011

Can’t You Smell That Smell????

I didn’t say anything about smells, because it seemed too unreal to be a part of MS.  But after reading some of the people on MS Facebook, I am ready to believe it is.
It is a funny thing.  I can be doing something, little to nothing, and a weird, wood burning smell surrounds me.  At first I would look around to see if something was burning.  After it happened a few times I realized it was just me and not to panic thinking something was on fire. 
It is not an unpleasant smell, just a smell like someone burning a fire in the fireplace or woodstove.  There are much worse smells to smell.
The problem with it is that once the smell starts, it usually means that I will have a lightning bolt, face pain, legs weak or something else flair up.  I guess it is a “heads up” signal that my body is getting ready to revolt.  Most of the people who have mentioned this also notice this.  From talking to their doctors, it is not on the MS symptom list and not considered as part of MS by their doctors.  Fortunately, there are enough of “us” that have the same things happening that we can make our own conclusions.
The mind is a funny thing.  MS makes it short circuit, overload or act funny in all kinds of ways.  Maybe there is an overload, like with an electrical circuit, and it causes a “fire”.  Makes sense to me!

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