Friday, April 1, 2011

Put On Your Girdle!

All of us would like to think we can manage on our own if we had to.  We all have a stubborn, independent streak in us and hate to think we are dependent on anyone.  Hopefully as we age we give in a little and don’t try to fight the help that others give us.
I think that is one of the worst aspects of having MS – losing my independence – not being able to take care of myself.  I’m not saying I can’t do anything for myself, just that many of the things I do I now need help with.  Take walking, for instance.  I never thought anything about going up and down the steps, or just walking across the floor.  Now I make sure I am balanced before I start walking and NEVER go up or down steps without my husband holding onto me.  It is very frustrating.
I do have my husband for support.  Many people I hear from and talk with have no one except their “MS family” to support them.  Their friends and family do not understand what they are going through and give them no help or encouragement.  Most of those people are very depressed and on a lot of medication to keep their heads above water.  That is so sad.  I would hate to think that the only support I have is out of a medicine bottle.
The reason that AA and other support programs work is because they involve people who have been in the same situation.  I could not effectively counsel someone with an alcohol or other drug problem because I have never had that problem.  The same is true with people who try to “whitewash” MS symptoms.  If you haven’t experienced it, don’t try to put it in a little box, tie a ribbon around it, and think the problem is solved.
We all need a little support sometimes………..a little encouragement…….maybe a shoulder to cry on………and a tighter girdle!

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