Monday, April 4, 2011

Play It Again and Again and Again Sam…….........…….

Let’s see, there is the one millionth showing of an Andy Griffith Show, a movie that looks like it was probably x-rated at the theatre, 24-hour weather, and a guy saying he can help you teach your bird to do the Moonwalk. 
It is a little after 2 AM.  Once again, sleep is nowhere to be found. I never appreciated how awful insomnia was until I had it.  Much like many things people have, we can say “I’m sorry”, but have no clue what they are going through. 
Many in my MS family talk about sleepless nights.  It is a common thing with us.  Many even take prescription sleep aids but say they fall asleep, but still only manage to sleep a couple of hours at a time.  I usually manage four or five hours a night.  Unfortunately, it comes in one hour increments and does not leave me rested.  I do not want to get a sleep aid because it does not seem to help that much.  Besides, I feel like I’m taking enough medicine as it is!
Since fatigue is one of the worst symptoms of MS, the sleeplessness does not help.  Even though most of us try to rest several times a day, sleep does not come. 
I know I have talked about this several times, but it is important to know.  If you know someone who has MS and they are sluggish and tired a lot, please be patient with them.  I can guarantee you that it is not the way we choose to be.  It is very discouraging to get up each day and feel like you haven’t been to bed yet.
So, I think I’ll flip through a few more channels and see what is on.  I am sure that Hadji (our Indian Ringneck parakeet) would not be interested in doing the Moonwalk, so I will search further.  Hey, Casablanca is on………..I love that movie……….I think I’ll watch it for the umpteenth time………..Bogie is always worth another look..……… J

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