Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Run That By Me Again, Please!

I have a hard time explaining things to people.  The words do not come with the images that are in my brain.  It is a really goofy feeling.
Names of people that I have known all my life seem like rocket science.  I am no longer even attempting to do anything financial.  It would be a total disaster I am sure.
To combat this, most MS doctors suggest cognitive therapy.  This therapy consists of taking walks and naming the things one sees out loud, horseback riding, telling stories, playing Mahjong, working crossword puzzles, and avoiding anything that has to do with financial affairs. They also suggest that the problems seem to improve with rest and reducing confusion to a minimum.
I don’t know about you, but life is full of confusion and usually lacking in rest.  There is always something to do and some problem that needs to be resolved.  Most doctors have not experienced first-hand any of the problems involved with MS (or most other problems that they dispense medical advice for!). Their answers for solving these problems have no place in reality;  maybe in a perfect world, but not in this one.
I guess we just have to make our minds up to take what help they can give us, talk with people who are going through what we are, and sort out for ourselves what is best for our own situation.  Yes, just call me Dr. Toney!

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