Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Let's Call A Truce!

I think Muggles may be getting a raw deal.  Those of us who fight the Dragon each day often put them down in a rather harsh way.  We complain that they don’t understand what we go through and do not try to get the facts before judging us.  For the most part, that is true.
But it is also true in many other circumstances.  When my husband talks about his grandfather, he describes him as grouchy and bitter.  His grandfather had crippling arthritis.  His hands were so twisted that he could not feed himself.  As this was many years ago, there was little that the doctors offered to help with the pain.  I am sure that he was constantly in horrible pain, not to mention the disabilities he suffered.  Most people only thought of him as being grouchy, not thinking about what he went through each day from waking until sleep.
I remember a boy I went to school with who had a brace on his leg.  He was kidded unmercifully by some of the other kids.  He had had polio when he was younger and would be crippled the rest of his life.  No one seemed to think about what he suffered each day trying to walk and put up with the stares and taunting of others.  Most only saw that he was different and wanted to make sure he was aware of it in a cruel way.
Those of us who struggle with the different aspects of the Dragon each day often are as critical of the Muggles who don’t know anything about MS as they are of us.  Although they really don’t understand our struggles, does it really give us the right to be as cruel to them as they are to us?
I think maybe we need to back up and think over our reactions to them.  If we are honest with ourselves, were we not Muggles just months or years earlier who didn’t have a clue about MS and its effects on people’s lives?  Maybe the Dragon people and Muggles need to call a truce and learn to live with each other and love their differences instead of making a war out of them.

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