Thursday, February 9, 2012


It’s getting close to the time of year when the bees, butterflies, ants and other insects start flittering around.  Since winter has seemed to bypass us this year, these critters have already started making their way back to our area.
Unfortunately, I am buzzing already.  Not that I ever really stop, it just gets a little less noticeable some days.  It is very annoying and hard to explain.
Everyone has had experiences with static electricity.  One can be just going about their normal activity, reach down to touch something, and get shocked.  It is not a pleasant feeling.  This buzzing feels a lot like that, only all over your body.
Buzzing, as MSers call it, can be up and down your legs, your fingertips to shoulders, face, back or anywhere it decides to set up shop.  Sometimes it is so strong that your clothes “shock” you, touching something shocks you and brushing up against something shocks you.  Otherwise, it is like a current running along your body. 
There are medications that the doctors prescribe (I almost said GIVE, but we all know that is NOT true!) for it.  It may calm it down a little, but it rarely goes completely away.  Sleeping is difficult because your face against the pillow makes it stronger.  Many MS patients sleep with a pillow between their legs because having your legs touch each other is so shocking it is almost unbearable.  Putting your hand under your face is a no-no.  It causes the shocks to be twice as strong both in your face and your hand. 
Buzzing is not a dangerous condition and is often ignored by doctors as just one of those things that goes with MS.  MS is a nerve disease.  When your nerves are acting up, it GETS ON YOUR NERVES!  Most MS patients are on some form of antidepressant or other type of medication for their nerves.  Anyone who has something that causes them undue stress daily, knows that this is a necessary evil that goes with the condition.
Most of us like to think that we are strong individuals who can handle what comes along.  We often find out that this is not the case.  I was ashamed/afraid of starting some of these medications, but have learned that they help and there are so many walking in these same shoes. 
If you have something like MS, support groups, websites, facebook sites and such are such a comfort and help.  Most of the people on them are friendly, helpful and have advise that is worth looking into.  I have met some of my best friends this way and thank God for every one of them.
I am thinking of contacting The Justice League and see if they need any help.  I’ve always wanted to meet Superman, Batman and the rest.  Maybe I could be Shocker Woman………sounds good to me!!!

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