Thursday, February 23, 2012

I Want to Do It MYSELF!

When we were little, our parents taught us how to tie our shoes, button our shirts, comb our hair and brush our teeth.  It was an exciting time of learning to do “grown up” things.  Besides playing, it was the most important part of our day.
As we got older, we often wished we had someone to take on some of the chores that were a part of our daily routine.  Someone to wash the dishes, make up the beds, sweep and mop the floors and dust the furniture would have really been nice.
My husband looks after me like a baby.  As I have gotten less and less able to do things for myself, he does them.  Many times I can’t button my shirt or walk across the floor, so he helps me.  He helps me in and out of the shower, holding me steady while I dry off and bringing my clothes to me as I sit on the chair.  It is very sweet, but something I really wish he did not have to do.
He is a very sweet, loving person and does not seem to mind doing these things for me.  I DO mind him doing them.  Not HIM doing them, just having to have someone do them in general.  I know the Bible says once a man, twice a child.  I guess I just didn’t think my second childhood would come so quickly! 
I have a cane that really comes in handy walking in open spaces.  In the house or a room with walls or furniture where I can reach them and can balance myself, I do fine.  Without those aids, I wobble and tend to fall.  My husband holds my hand most places we go. I like him doing that much better than holding my cane!
Being independent is one of the most precious things we accomplish as we grow up.  Getting out on our own and having our own personality within our surroundings and friends.  Losing that is hard to take.  We have to adjust to how someone else wants things done or do what they want to do.  It takes a toll on our self-esteem and makes it hard to want to do anything sometimes.
Some days, being dependent on others is OK.  We adjust and try to make the best of it.  Other days, I want to stomp my foot like a two year old and shout “I wanna do it myself!” ;)

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