Friday, February 3, 2012

It Don't Come Easy!!

Believe it or not, writing “don’t come easy”.  Many of the thoughts that run through my head are not at a time I have a way to put them down.  By the time I get to a place I can, the thought has run right on through and out the other side.
As we get older, thoughts tend to be fleeting.  If you don’t say something when you think of it, it is gone.  MS doesn’t help.  Part of the frustration with MS is that it short-circuits your brain.  Most of us don’t have enough burners working for any of them to be put out!  Aging and MS definitely work against having any type of outstanding memory and it makes most conversations and every day chores frustrating.
Many people don’t consider it a problem for us MSers.  They contribute it to aging and just shrug it off.  Aging comes slowly; MS hits you like a ton of bricks.  One day you are going along in life OK; the next you aren’t.  Most things can be handled if they come on gradually.  MS does not do this.  Picture the difference in someone sideswiping you and someone hitting you head on. It makes a difference.
The MS site suggests doing crossword puzzles, playing trivia games and such to try and keep our minds as active as possible.  The only problem I find with that is, some days I can do fairly well with them.  Other days, I barely know what day it is.  Frustration causes stress which causes MS symptoms to be worse.  No wonder many of my MS “family” get so depressed and frustrated.  Most doctors have no clue as to what we are going through.  If it isn’t “in the book” so to speak, then doctors don’t feel it exists.
Many people teach/preach that those of us with afflictions have them because of our sins.  Although there is a certain validity to that, there is also the argument that many have seen terrible things happen in their lives, and to them, that had nothing to do with their sins.  Job is a good case in point.  Although we are all guilty and sinful, those who suffer the most in this life are often the best people we know. 
Most of us are decent people who try our best each day to do what we can to make the world a better place.  Sometimes, it seems like we are just spinning our wheels and getting no place.  All we can do is hang in there and keep trying! With apologies to Ringo Starr, it really “don’t come easy”! 

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