Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Gold and Purple Beads

If you have never been to Mardi Gras, you have missed something really unique.  Every part of the world has its own special event, culture or something that makes it special.  The Gulf Coast has Mardi Gras. Mardi Gras, which means Fat Tuesday, is held on the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. The Mardi Gras celebration usually lasts from three to ten days before that time.  It is a series of parades, parties and balls.  Most people dress up in costumes ranging from skeletons to royalty. The food in that area is a wonderful thing in itself.  Although there are usually quite a few people who “party” too much and get into trouble, there have been very few murders and extremely violent occurrences. Considering the number of people who swarm into the cities who participate, the drinking and partying involved and the laxity of law enforcement at that time, I think it is surprising to know this.
Having lived on the Gulf Coast for around twenty years, I had the privilege of witnessing quite a few parades and going to parties.  It was so special to watch the faces of the children as they would reach up to catch doubloons, necklaces, Moon Pies and other treats that the people on the floats would throw down to them.  Most of the people are happy and it is usually a joyous time for all.
Most of us with MS are stuck in a position that keeps us from enjoying many of the things that have been a part of our lives and gave us fulfillment.  Most of us will only get worse as time goes by. Although, as a whole, we stay upbeat and happy, there are times I think most of us would like to be in a fantasy world for a while and able to do some of the things we once took for granted.
It is nice to “be a fairy princess” or some other mystical character for a while.  Although Mardi Gras only happens in some areas of the country, we can live it in our minds.  A little bit of happiness goes a long way sometimes.  Besides, those gold and purple bead necklaces look really spiffy!

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