Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Read The Label!

Years ago the doctor prescribed Sinemet for me.  It was horrible!  It helped me sleep and rest a little, but the side effects were terrible.  Some of the ones listed on the sheet were: hives; difficulty breathing; swelling of the face, lips, tongue or throat; tremors; fever; uneven or rapid heartbeat; seizure; severe nausea; hallucinations, just to name a few.  I had the severe nausea and vomiting…….BIG time!
The label said that the medication could be taken with or without food.  The first time I took it, I did not eat before I did.  Huge mistake!  I was nauseated, vomited and had the dry heaves for over an hour.
The next time I took it, I ate a few crackers beforehand.  That helped a little, but not much.  The next time I took it, I ate half a sandwich.  This helped quite a bit and I started eating a substantial amount before taking the medication.  Since this was taken at bedtime, I had to be sure and not eat a large dinner so I would be able to eat at that time.
I took this medication for several years.  During this time, no matter what I ate, I would still have severe vomiting and dry heaves several times a month, sometimes as often as once a week.  When Requip was put on the market and my doctor prescribed it for me, it was a wonderful relief.  This medication can be taken without food with no nauseating effects from it.  I am very happy with this!
Unfortunately, this too has a lot of the same side effects as the Sinemet, and most other medications.  Those of us with MS don’t need any help with symptoms, just some relief!
I have several prescription drugs on the shelf that have never been opened.  I take a handful of drugs in the morning and a handful at night.  I don’t feel that I need any more drugs unless they promise to work wonders with my problems.  None of them do.
There are many public health ads and ads paid for by law firms about health risks and problems with different medications.  Most of them either say quit taking them, or call our firm to join a lawsuit against the manufacturer.
There are several of these put out by law firms that I really get a chuckle out of.  They state that if you or your loved ones have taken such and such a drug and had the following side effects to please call them and see if you qualify to get compensated for your problems.
I really need to take that 800 number down the next time I see that airing.  One of the side effects is death and I want to make sure I call them if one of these drugs kill me!

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