Thursday, February 2, 2012

I Did It My Way!

Most of the people I talk with have one thing in common………..many things in their lives they would do differently if they could go back and start over.  I am definitely in that category.  Most of my life was spent going over and over the same ground with the same results because I was too stubborn to change or take advice.
When I was young, I came under conviction, went to the church altar, and was saved.  I was 12 years old.  The missionary that was holding revival at the time was a wonderful man and I was so taken with his goodness and kindness I wanted to be like him.  I decided I was going to be a missionary too and help save the world.    Unfortunately, I was told by some that I was not “good enough” and it took a “special kind of person” to make that dream come true and I did not fit the bill.  Most people, years ago, thought that only a chosen few were good enough for anything.  I took that to heart after a while and went in the opposite direction from the one I had previously chosen.
As the song goes, I did it my way, which was not a good thing at all. After several years of making many mistakes and getting up to my knees in miry water, God tapped me on the head and asked if I would like to let Him help me.  The next several years, my conversations with God went something like this:
God:         If you will let me, I will help you.
Me:          I know You can, but you have so much to do and I think I’ve got this under control.
God:         Are you sure?  I don’t have so much to look after that I don’t have time for you.
Me:          I thank You, but I will stay in touch and call You if I need You.
God:         I’ll be waiting.
Several years later, the miry water had gotten up to my waist.
God:         You sure you don’t want Me to help you?
Me:          I appreciate it God, but I think I have Plan B figured out and will get this under control shortly.
God:         I’m here if you need Me.  Stay in touch.
A few years later, the miry water was up to my chin.
Me:          Father?
God:         Plan B not working out for you?
Me:          Er, no.  That offer to help still open?
God:         Forever and always.  Want Me to take over now?
Me:          Yes, please………and thank You!
This, of course, is the abridged version of quite a few years of my life……..but you get the picture.  Most of us want to think we can make it on our own.  Many of us have tried to manage our own lives without any help from God or anyone else.  Most of us have regretted those choices.
This is not written to try and preach to anyone.  Although I would hope and pray that everyone reading this is a child of the King, it has to be a choice we make on our own and no one can make it for us.  This is to say to all of those reading this and too stubborn to ask for help with mental, medical and person problems for fear of seeming weak or unable to handle their lives, please don’t suffer alone out of pride or fear of rejection.  Nothing is more sad than someone making a mess of their life when help is a phone call, email, visit or prayer away.
Personally, my head got really sore from God thumping me on it to get my attention!

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