Monday, February 13, 2012

Dear John

Most of us have seen the ads on TV for alerts that people use when they fall.  Usually it shows an elderly person who falls and can’t get up.  Those devises are really good if you don’t knock yourself out and can use them.
I would hate to be one of the people who monitor calls from MS patients….they would be answering calls 24/7!  Most of us with MS have had more than our share of falls.  Thankfully, most of them are not serious.  Many times when I start to fall I can catch myself and don’t get hurt.  Other times I end up with bumps and bruises, although I did break my leg once.
There are a lot of comedy routines where people trip or fall and they are usually very funny.  I guess it is all in how you look at it.  As I began to fall more, they don’t seem as comical as they once did.
I admire football players, wrestlers and other athletes who hit the floor and get up running.  I can’t imagine hitting as hard as they do and not get hurt.  It would be good if the methods they use to learn to fall could be taught to those of us with MS.
I’ve noticed on different websites, such as Facebook and Youtube, that there are a lot of people making fun of the fact that people need help when they fall.  There are several parodies of the ads I mentioned above.  Most of them are younger people and people who are healthy and think that none of these things can happen to them.  A part of me gets angry enough to wish they could experience this at least once, but most of me hopes that they never do.  I would not want anyone to have MS no matter how mean and cruel they are.
All of us have watched movies where the girl or guy is in love with someone and that someone doesn’t love them.  Sometimes, the other person writes them a “Dear John” letter.  The letter basically tells them that they don’t want to carry on a relationship with them and this is goodbye.
I am thinking of writing one.  It will be to the floors.  I am telling them that I am really disgusted with our “up close and personal relationship” and am calling it quits………….I hope they get the message!!!! J

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