Friday, June 1, 2012

Read My Mind

I am wondering if there is any dog more spoiled than Buffy.  She sleeps with us, eats with us, sits with us and generally wants to be every place that we are.  If we are not paying attention to her, she gets very pouty and whiney!

(As you can see from this photo, she was wondering why I could possibly rather see something on the computer when she is there to look at!)

I have noticed that she expects us to read her mind.  When I sit my drink down, she will stand by the glass, stare at it, then at me and back and forth until I let her have some of it.  If I am not paying attention to her wishes, she will “buff” softly, which seems to be a cross between a bark and a burp!  She does not have to make much of a fuss because we always cater to her wishes.

Wouldn’t it be nice if everything was more that way……..we could think about the bank and receive money, think about the groceries and they would appear in the cabinets, etc.  We would not have to worry about not having something, because it would always be there when we wanted it to. (There is another side to that, of course, but I am thinking of the good things.)

Buffy has also learned that if she stares at anything long enough, we will get it for her, or change what is bothering her.  If we are “in her spot” on the bed, she will walk up your chest and stare at you until you realize you are wrong.  If she cannot get where she wants to be, she will stare at it, give a little buff, and she will be taken where she wants to be.

That is not to say that we feel so very fortunate and blessed to have her.  We are rewarded with lots of puppy kisses and smiles throughout the day to remind us that she loves us.  She is always there to love and snuggle against you when you feel bad and jump and play with you when you are happy.  She is a real charmer and a joy in our lives.

I was also thinking how nice it would be if we could look at our legs and say “be gone” and the MS would instantly jump out of them……or stare our pains and numbness away……or move our heads in a different direction and our thoughts would return to normal…………or…………(fill in the blank!)!!! J


Muffie said...

...or wake up and find it was all a bad dream! I absolutely love your little fur baby!! What breed is it? I saw one on a commercial and fell in love with the face. Our pup went home last night after a week-long visit. He's a four-year-old golden, and just a big, lovable ball of fur. Amazing how our animals can really make us feel so good!

Janie said...

Buffy is a Pomeranian. She looks exactly like Bella on the 1-800 PetMed commercials! We are friends on Facebook. Thank you for reading my blog and always giving me feedback!

Anna said...

What a cute pup! She is darling. I enjoy you blog!

Janie said...

Thank you, Anna...........from Me and Buffy!!!