Monday, July 23, 2012

So Very Sad…………….

Such a tragedy…………….all those people killed and injured by one person………my thoughts and prayers go out to all of the family and friends of the people involved in that terrible crime.

I know that there will be lots of talk about movies, books, television, music and such being the cause of this act of violence.  I cannot agree with any of that.  I will always feel that if you are not a violent person, watching, seeing or hearing about it will not make you so.  The only exception I see to that is during war, and that is in a category all of its own.

The news media has already jumped on the bandwagon that The Dark Knight was full of violence and it influenced this person to do this terrible thing.  I loved the first movie (I have not seen the second).  There are two roles by actors that have really stood out in my mind as never being able to be topped: Val Kilmer as Doc Holliday in Tombstone and Heath Ledger as the Joker in The Dark Knight.  If you have not seen them, please do.  I think you will be as impressed as I am with these.

But, that is not the point.  My point is that all of us have grown up being exposed to different forms of violence from an early age.  Cartoons, movies, newspapers, television shows and life in general had various forms of violence in them.  Very few of us acted on those influences.
It is so very sad that some people let their “demons” overpower them and strike out at people, most of whom are  innocent bystanders…………………all we can do is pray for those who were harmed, the families and friends of those who were killed and for that person who performed the deed………he probably needs our prayers most of all….


Nick Salve said...

I totally agree. I always hate it when some nutjob brings a gun to school or the mall and starts picking off people one at a time and the media immediately tries to find a scapegoat.

The dude was crazy. End of story. Watching Wile E Coyote send an Acme rocket across the desert doesn't make kids think it's a good idea to shoot their friends.

Some people are just disconnected from reality and that is no fault of society's.

Muffie said...

I agree with the other comment and with you, Janie. Sometimes I just get tired of the media trying to analyze the "whys" of a situation. It's just too sad about all the innocent lives lost.