Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer Daze

Hot days

In the summer

Sweaty body

What a bummer!

Kids playing

Having a ball

I sit here

Wishing for Fall.

Walking slowly

Always prayerful

Taking pains

To be very careful.

Aching legs

Pounding head

Trying hard

Not to be abed.

Knowing this

Too shall pass

Hoping it

Too long won’t last.

Reading books

Sitting down

Trying to smile

Not to frown.

I fully know

I’m not alone

Others share

And don’t bemoan

We are down

But not defeated

None of life

Have we been cheated.

All the love

That we receive

Should be our shield

In time of need.

We are an army

Of the strong

And we can fight this

All the day long!!


Muffie said...

Cute poem! I know the feeling! Is that you on the left in the picture?? Like the leather!

Janie said...

I wish!!!!!!!!!!! :)