Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Thinking About Noah……

Some days are long……..but most go by so quickly I wonder where they went.  It’s not that I stay so busy that they fly.  I really don’t know what it is, but I don’t like it.

I would like to make my little list and be able to accomplish each of those tasks.  I rarely get past the first two or three things.  It is discouraging.

Grandma used to say that as you get older time flies.  I believe her.  My husband and I have talked about wondering how we got all the things we needed to do done when we were still working. Now, it doesn’t seem possible.

I know that I am slower at doing things so they take longer to do.  I am slower at thinking, so things take longer to figure out.  I eat slowly because I choke easily.  I guess it just takes longer to do nothing than it used to!

I was reading about Noah the other day.  He was 500 years old when he began building the Ark.  He was 600 when the floods came and 601 when the Ark came upon dry land.  He lived 349 years after the flood.  I don’t see how he got around, much less built the Ark! People lived much longer life spans before the flood, but that is a seriously long time.

I wonder if we would really accomplish any more if we absolutely knew that we would live a certain amount of time, or if we would spend most of that time counting the days until we died.  It would be an interesting concept.

I don’t think I would want to know when my day was going to be up.  I like to think that not knowing, I try to live each day as good as I can and try to be a better person each day. If most people knew when they would die, they would do as much as they could to enjoy life and wait until the last moment to change toward being a better person.

Poor Noah.........I can't imagine going through the trials and hardships of life for all those years.......he had to be a really tough guy..........he had to have "what it took" to go through what he did...... God is so much smarter than we are and knew he could……… but you already knew that!!


Muffie said...

I keep remembering an old Bill Cosby routine about Noah and building the ark. Don't you think that the measuring of time was different in the Bible than how we know it? I can't imagine living that long. You're right about tempis fugit, and I agree that I don't want to know when my time on earth will end.

Janie said...

The way I have been led to understand it, people lived a long time back then because there was no disease and bacteria. After the Flood, there was all that decay and such and it was then that lifespans were shorted dramatically. Personally, if time starts going any faster I may as well just stay in bed and not cause myself undue effort in dressing and getting up!!! :)