Friday, October 12, 2012

Birds of a Feather

For the last several months we have been unable to attend our monthly MS meeting.  I have really missed the people there and want to see and talk with them. I have had telephone conversations with them, but it is not the same as being with them and seeing how they are in person.

I guess it is not a great news flash, but most of us generally hang out with people we have things in common with, whether it is music, sports or diseases.  I remember going to family reunions and all the adults who had had surgery always hung out together.  They seemed to really enjoy going over their procedures with each other.  At the time, I could not understand why something like that would be so entertaining.  Now I do.

I have noticed that I do not really enjoy the companionship of someone who constantly talks about their physical or intellectual activities.  Going hiking or to the gym would probably be fun if I could do it, but I can’t.  Debating with people on different subjects would be fun if I could still think that quickly.  I am sure a part of the reason I don’t enjoy being around active people is jealousy.

I admit it.  I wish I could still do those things.  I loved playing beach volleyball, dancing and walking on the beach.  I loved composing arguments for the lawyers I worked for to present in court.  I loved going out to eat and discussing current events with people who had different views than mine.  My body and my brain enjoyed being active and I was involved in things that kept them happy.  I miss those things.

I think I sound like I whine when I write this blog sometimes.  I guess instead of whining around the house, I put it in writing and let it go.  It is a wonderful outlet and I prefer this to being a complainer and someone no one can stand to be around.

In reality, I am so thankful for the things I can still do.  Although limited, I can still cook, write, read, speak, walk and function on a daily basis.  Some days I am more limited than others, but they have their place in my life also and I try to catch up on my reading and blogging on those days.

There is safety in hanging with people who share our disease.  We don’t have to go into great depth explaining what we are feeling and don’t have to worry about them looking at us like we are crazy.  We get sympathy, love and encouragement from each other.  As Martha Stewart would say, that is a good thing!

I know that some would consider our “group” dull and boring but I have found some wonderful friends and great minds here.  We are some of the most thoughtful, kind, loving and sympathetic people a person could hope to know.  I am proud to be a bird in this group!!


Muffie said...

You're fortunate to have found such a group. I looked and the closest group is over an hour away, and I don't drive anymore. I just think of the internet as my support group, now. When I do socialize (become rarer and rarer, anymore) I just try to join in any conversation, drawing on events from my "former life."

Janie said...

I love my little group, but, like you, most of my group is on the internet. I don't drive either and really hate to drag my hubby around. I am getting to be more and more a hermit......