Thursday, October 11, 2012

Burn Your Bra!

Back in the 60’s we started doing a lot of new things; some of them were good and some not so good.  One of my cousins, who is a few years older than I am, was really into the hippy movement.  I guess she was more of a Flower Child, but you get the point.  She was one of the girls who burned her bra.  I don’t think she has owned one since then.

The Cool Quiz website states the following: “The history of the brassiere, more commonly known as the bra, reveals that its form and purpose has been shaped by the current fashion trend. Along with the many changes to this female undergarment comes a debate over who should be credited with the creation of the modern bra.  Few disagree that the bra dates as far back as 2,500 BC, when Minoan women on the Greek island of Crete wore a garment similar to a bra, which lifted their busts out of their clothes, leaving them exposed. The custom of ancient Greek and Roman women, to minimize the bust size, completely reversed the Minoan trend. To minimize their chest size, these women strapped bands over their busts to rein them in. The debate over the true inventor of the modern bra has not been entirely resolved. A gentleman named Hoag Levins spent a great deal of time in the U.S. Patent Office doing research for a book, and concluded that Marie Tucek obtained a patent for the first brassiere in 1893. She named her invention the "breast supporter," because it had separate pockets of each, straps that went over the shoulders, and hook-and-eye fasteners in the back. Unfortunately, Marie never marketed her invention, which very much resembled the modern bra.”

Lately I have been in the no-bra category.  When I wear one, I get that dreaded MS hug.  Taking off the bra does not help it once it gets going and just has to wear itself out.  To hopefully help avoid that problem, I quit wearing my bra, at least most of the time.  I wear one when I go to church or a function.  But when I am around the house or with family, I do not.

Many on some of the MS sites have asked the question of what an MS hug is.  A lot of people write answers to this question and most of the women agree that wearing a bra is a no-no.  I am all for this idea!  I am at the age where a bra is not going to help or hurt me, so why bother, especially if it will cause me pain.

So, burn your bra ladies…………or at least put them in the back of the drawer and forget them for as long as possible!!

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Muffie said...

Well, I consider myself a late-blooming flower child, but I never burned any of my clothes! I don't get the hug anymore, so I can go around fully clothed!