Friday, October 5, 2012


All across the world there are many types of places. One of the darkest, scariest and cruelest places is known as MS Land. Like most lands, it is filled with young, old, rich, poor, male and female people. But, unlike most lands, no one ever leaves this place.

Some of the people in MS Land have jobs that they enjoy and are able to support themselves and have a relatively normal life. Some of the people in MS Land are only able to have a minimal amount of activity and barely take care of themselves. Some of the people in MS Land are totally dependent on others to take care of them.

Like Camelot, MS Land is plagued with a terrible dragon. Unlike Camelot, MS Land does not have a King Arthur and Sir Lancelot to try and save them from their dragon. But, they do have several knights who try their best to keep the dragon at bay. There is Sir Copaxone who daily battles the dragon but only manages to control him to a small degree but never totally defeats him. There are Sir Avonex, Sir Betaseron, Sir Extavia and Sir Rebif who also give their all in their battles with the dragon. Sir Gilenya is a new knight in the land and he also battles the dragon with all the skills he has. He, too, keeps the dragon at bay, but never defeats it.

The dragon causes the people in MS Land many problems. Some days he zaps their nerve endings and makes the people jittery, jumpy and buzzy; some days he washes them with relaxants and causes them to have extreme fatigue; some days he stomps the ground and causes the people to wobble, stumble and fall; some days he sends out waves of pain through the land and the people suffer and find no relief. At night the dragon goes to his cave and works on new ways to make the people of MS Land suffer. His bag of tricks seems to never run out.

Life in MS Land is full of ups and downs. The people band together and try to hold each other up and keep each other from falling victim to despair. There are doctors, nurses, scientists, public speakers, authors, bloggers and all types of people who constantly send out encouraging words to their fellow residents. All of the people in MS Land have one common goal – to find the strongest knight to fight the dragon and kill him once and for all. The people are not only hoping that the dragon is killed to help them, but to make sure that others will not have to go through all the pain and sorrow that they experience each day of their lives.

So, as each day dawns, the people of MS Land fight their dragon, make the most of the lives that they have, and pray that their knight in shining armor will arrive soon. Until that day arrives, they will gallantly fight their dragon and cherish each small battle that is won.



Muffie said...

What a fantastic portrayal! You should submit this to the MS Assn. or some other publication. I'll bet it would get published!
BTW where is the dragon in Camelot, my favorite musical?

Janie said...

Thank you Muff!! You are so sweet!!