Thursday, October 4, 2012

Puff The Magic Dragon

I have really been up close and personal with my boxes of tissues lately.  Once you have blown your nose nine thousand four hundred and eighty three times, there is definitely something to be said for those tissues that have the lotion in them!  Without them, I am afraid that my nose would have fallen off.

Not that I would recommend any of them after a while.  It is kind of like running a piece of sandpaper across an open wound……no matter how you do it, it is painful.  I also do not recommend any cough syrup.  In general, they are ALL nasty!  Most of the time, they do not stop a cough and just leave a really horrible taste in your mouth.

I guess I am getting better.  I am not sneezing, coughing and blowing my nose as much as I was the last couple of weeks.  It is a wonderful thing!

It has really kicked my fatigue issue in though.  My energy level is way below sea level.  Even though fatigue is one of the biggest issues I have with MS, this has made it unreal.  I have not even had the energy to think, so my blogs are way behind and I am too tired to even keep up with my reading.  OK, so I am whining!

Contrary to what most psychiatrists will say, I think we should all be able to have a pity party now and then, especially when you have an ongoing disease that kicks you down most of the time anyway.  I am having a real problem lately with feeling that I am not contributing even the piddly little amount I am usually able to in the household.  This makes me very unhappy and tends to put me in the blues.  My husband, as usual, tells me that it is not a problem and I do plenty around the house.  I totally disagree.  Even at my best, I barely help with things, much less contribute my share.

Like I said, I am feeling useless.  It will pass.  It is just not passing as quickly as I would like it to.

I saw my psychiatrist yesterday to have my prescriptions for Ambien and Wellbutrin refilled.  I still don’t believe that the Wellbutrin will give me energy, but I am willing to keep trying it and see.  I know it is their job to ask a bunch of questions, but I wonder how many people really give them honest answers.  I like my psychiatrist, but she gets all gung-ho about things.  She is willing to turn the world upside down to fix something.  That is not always possible.

I hope I am getting a little more back to normal (whatever that is!) and can do my blog writing more on a regular basis and do some things around the house.  But, for now, I will just sing...................



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Muffie said...

Janie, I'm sorry you're not feeling that great. I know colds will knock me for a loop, leaving me so lethargic. Loved your choice of song! Do you believe it's about marijuana or not? PP&M said 'no,' but I think it is! Love it, though. Now, you'll have me singing it all day! Get well!